Happenings from middle Canada…
The sunset this morning was amazing – the whole sky lit up… pretty cool thing – if only I was headed out the door to work at about 9:30 instead of 6:30… 3 more hours of sleep would have been nice.

Work was pretty interesting last weekend. Sunday night our guys (RCMP) went into an apartment on fire and saved a ladies life – it was a pretty intense few minutes. The lady is in critical condition and had to be sent to Edmonton right away with burns all over her body.
I’ve always heard the saying about “firefighters/police running into the building while everyone is running out” – this was that saying acted out exactly. Usually we would leave this situation to the firefighters and their breathing equipment, but this time we happened to arrive on the scene first. Our four guys who kicked down the door and spent 15 minutes in the smoke are still coughing up black stuff and reliving the experience I’m sure. I really do work with some amazing people here at the RCMP – there are good and bad of course, but this was HERO stuff plain and simple. These four guys are some of the best – Cpl. Gordon, Cst. Hamilton, Lackie, Kowalchuk – my hat’s off to you guys.

This week we’ve been lucky to have some more visitor’s around. Grandpa & Grandma Laliberte arrived on Monday and leave tomorrow. It’s been good to have them around. Grandpa even took some time off from staring at Elijah to help me build walls on our deck so we could have some storage space for all the things he buys his new grandson!

Weather here is not great, but I refuse to live my life for the weather, so that’s all I’ll say about that.


One Response to Happenings

  1. Kara says:

    wow. courage prevails. good to hear it. Sorry about the officers’ lungs though.
    You mentioned weather and I agree with you. Alec just told me yesterday that he want to move back to Canada because it’s “too hot here”. We are in winter but it’s starting to warm up a little too quickly. It’s just cool enuf that you can actually go outside and be under the sun for a while.Humididty was down. I love this winter here! Summer is unforgiving and unrelenting in its fire-y heat and heavy humidity.
    So, weather is all relative. Only one perfect place and it ain’t on this globe, broth-uh!

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