A week at home…

A few reflections after a week and a bit at home…

– crying hurts the ears
– sleep works better in periods longer than 2 hours
– breastfeeding is a good thing
– mothers are amazing
– diapers are not as bad as I thought (yet)
– newborn facial expressions are really fun to watch

We just got home from our church service – I almost skipped it since Elijah had a fairly sleepless night… but I’m glad we went. We came back feeling loved.

I am realizing how much people give when a baby comes around. Gifts, love, attention, care – we’ve got it from all over the place. I never did really appreciate that custom before – and got a little tired of Tara always buying gifts for babies, I never gave new parents much attention, credit or love. Now I realize why we do that – this is one of those times when people need it. One of those stations (and there are many it seems) in the journey you don’t recognize until you’re in it I guess. More updates later… now it’s burping time…


2 Responses to A week at home…

  1. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for your post – your reflections made me smile. No worries – a day will come when you will get a bit more sleep…and then another time of no sleep…then sleep…then no sleep. No one ever told me before my babies were born that this whole sleep thing was so cyclical -first its newborn, then teething, then toddler nightmares, and so on. But – the human body can withstand it, somehow. And the newborn facial expressions – there isn’t anything like it.

  2. barb says:

    …so much !! (as Syd used to say for, “I/we love you so much”)!!–>

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