As we are leaving the evening of July 25th and heading into the morning of the 26th it is fairly safe to say that we will not be having a child with a July 25th birthday! Not much is happening in my belly, but I really shouldn’t complain as I am only 3 days overdue and am still feeling pretty good. It is harder to sleep which is pretty frustrating since I have have been told that getting lots of rest is important for labour! There are also some little things like rolling over at night or tying my shoes that have become pretty near impossible. Peeing every hour is also something that I will be happy to leave behind.

There are things that I will miss though, like the movement of a baby in my belly. What an amazing feeling! I still can’t believe that there is something inside of me that is alive! This living being has qualities from both Tim’s family and my own. This child is growing and moving inside of ME and everyday I am a witness to this miracle from God. God has allowed us to create a child and He’ll soon be expecting us to raise it, take care of it daily, and to teach it about life. This is something that I am finding hard to wrap my mind around. I feel so inadequate for this HUGE task. I am realizing that this fear I have is going to require a lot of prayer and faith in God. He is the only one that can give us the wisdom, strength, and “supernatural power” needed to raise this baby. The only problem is that I have trouble trusting. I am at times so consumed with myself and what I know that I don’t look to Him for the wisdom I need.

So tonight as I go to bed I pray for our child to come into the world soon! For as little pain as possible during labour – please God!? For confidence and no fear! I also pray that I will trust God in all things and that He will give us what we need to raise a child that loves Him!


3 Responses to Overdue!

  1. The YKHerd says:

    Well Tara… Here’s hoping all goes well for all three of you. The new Mrs. McShane told me that she is constantly waiting for that car to leave for the hospital and stay there long enough for a baby to come out. We are all thinking of ya, even if we don’t know each other very well. And remember… there are lots of us out there who like to hold new babies

  2. Anonymous says:

    Shoot, yesterday was Maggie’s birthday and that would have been a cool date for the little arrival! I heard you’ve gone in. Lots of prayers for you all.

    ~Your neighbours around the bend.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Tara … This is Char checking in on things!! Perfect Love drives out fear ……… AND when you meet your precious little one, God will surely give you all the wisdom you need to get through this AWESOME chapter in life. Just make sure to use those nurses to your advantage, esp. the lactation consultant, if you plan to br. feed! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. YOU and TIM will BE EXCELLENT PARENTS … I have no doubt!! Love & Prayers, Char

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