Purging of the files…

As we moved our shed this summer we had to empty it of all my boxes from the church office. Of course immediately that day we had the most intense rainstorm I have ever seen in YK (see picture a few posts below). Most of the boxes were covered, but I took the opportunity to check out what was in a few semi-moist ones, and decided to empty some files out of a couple. A few observations along the way.

First – I use a lot of paper, and recycling takes effort – it would have been easier to throw it all in the common garbage.

Second – it felt good to get rid of the stuff. Not only because it was almost all useless to me now, there is something about going from lots of things to a few less things that feels good – but also because I need to leave some of that part of my life behind. Bad memories, guilt at missed opportunities, sadness at unhealthly relationships, pain from criticism, some true, some unfounded… it felt like this was another step in leaving some of that behind – and I need to leave it behind, it just weighs me down.

Third – criticism counts more and hits harder than praise. The one file I kept was one named “Warm Fuzzies”. This was a file full of encouragement notes and “feel good” things – it is a good thing to shred the criticism files, it was not fun to relive some of those memories – and I’ll hold on to the warm fuzzies… they are signs that in the midst of feeble attempts at ministry someone felt like there was a positive impact made.

In general – purging feels good…


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