Back Home

Well we are back from our holiday with Doug & Cindy. Traveled to Saskatchewan and visited the Elford Ranch for about a week and the Pituley Farm for a few days. It was great time surrounded by good friends. Highlights for me (Tim) included:

– moving cows with Kelcy & Colby & others, including checking cows in snow and good time spent chatting with Colb the first day on the ranch. (much pain in muscles followed the next day)
– seeing Tara jump in to ranch work, “processing” calves
– good food at table’s surrounded by even better company
– great music with Clint, Mark, Dawn, Doug & others, style’s mixed, heart’s all on the same page
– political rants with Rick, well mostly listening to Rick I guess
– mmmmm… time on the John Deere lawn tractor, it doesn’t get much better than that, unless you’re Tim Bell and you get to drive a really big version I guess…
– “parts run” with Elwood and a great talk along the way
– stories of God at work on my friends
– Miracle Provision stories for ranchers in a very tough time.
– birthing times at the Pituley place
– hospitality, welcome, hospitality, welcome and some more of that
– ranch language
– Tara and ranch language
– worship with the Wood Mountain church
– gopher shoot with Mark & Doug: 550 rounds later…
– great travel in every way with Doug & Cindy, good memories made, friendship expanded.

All good memories and a holiday worth being thankful for – but it’s good to be home as well, now it’s time to put my good dog to bed and head there myself.


One Response to Back Home

  1. Kara says:

    So happy to have you back online.
    Even happier to hear about your vacation and thanks so much for the pics and mentioning the names of those handsome Elfords!

    When is the baby due again? forgot!

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