April 28th A Day Late

April 28th is a significant day for me. It is the birthday of two very important people; my father-in-law and my Grandma McMillan, and there is a neat connection between the two. Even before I became part of the Laliberte family, my Grandma would send Gene a card every year for his birthday, since they shared the day. They don’t know each other very well – but it’s the kind of thing my Grandma does…

I have little experience with father in law’s, but I think I got lucky with mine. Even in 6 years – it feels like we’ve walked a long ways together and made many memories. He is a gifted guy – he’s been patient with me, he’s passed on wisdom of all sorts, he’s shared his life struggles with me, and taught me much about how to pursue Jesus through life’s journey – I really do look forward to years ahead with Gene as my father in law. These days it’s especially exciting to think of him as Grandpa for my kid – I think he will fit the job perfectly! Today I’m thankful for you Gene!

And Grandma McMillan – I could go on for a long time about her… she is the cornerstone of so many things in my life. A Jesus seeker unlike anyone I’ve met, she strengthens my faith, gives my marriage hope in the light and dark times, and taints all my family memories with joy – that’s a bit to complicated a description… she is just a wonderful lady who has filled every bit of my life with love. What a gift… Happy Birthday Grandma I love you.


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