Living strong and wearing yellow

It may seem like this has become a “talk about cancer” blog, I guess that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Right now I have two aunts and a mother in law fighting breast cancer, all at different stages. Recently Tara & I started wearing yellow – following many others who are supporting Lance Armstrong’s “LIVESTRONG” foundation, by wearing a simple yellow rubber band around our wrist. This kind of thing can become so popular that it loses it’s impact (WWJD? bracelets anyone?) but at 1$ a piece, I don’t mind toting the thing around for a while, especially since it’s just a reminder to me of the battle people all around are going through – fighting for their lives. It is interesting how WWJD? bracelets became popular and “Christian” businesses everywhere started sucking in the profits any way they could – Lance Armstrong makes a bracelet about fighting cancer and gives the money away (as far as I can tell)…. Anyway – that doesn’t really matter to me – what does matter is that every time I see yellow I think of my many friends and relatives who have done battle with this disease and say a prayer for them. To Laurel, Irene, Aunt Laurie, Aunt Heather and others… your strength encourages me, and your determination inspires.


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