Moving Miracles

I am now 24 wks pregnant and am amazed at the movements I am feeling in my tummy! What an amazing miracle from God to have a person moving and growing inside of you. Even Tim can feel it at times and I am able to tell the difference between a kick and a turn. No thoughts yet on what it is. We will be thankful for a healthy baby of either sex, but I think in our hearts we may be hoping for one or the other. We are not vocalizing that though, so we’ll both be happy and content with whatever comes in July.

I have been feeling quite good for the most part. No problems with foods or nausea. Back and muscle pain is the greatest complaint, but that is just from the stretching and pulling that my belly is doing right now. I can’t believe the way skin stretches! Another miracle of God.

It still isn’t real in some ways. How can there be a real baby growing in my belly? What does it hear and think and smell? How is it feeling? Does it know I love it already and we haven’t even met? Is this really happening? Oh, there’s a kick – guess it’s for real!!


One Response to Moving Miracles

  1. Kara says:

    Tara, I always feel like a bit of a mutant! Here’s to “Alien” 😉
    Love you! Kara

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