Random verbs…

Following little sister’s example… I thought I’d write a bit about some random verbs and how they apply to my life (she’s such a good little English teacher).

Suffering… wow – what a lousy way to start… but nothing serious, just afflicted by a cold last night, so these next 3 night shifts are going to be tough, it usually takes me 3-4 days and I’m over a cold, I guess it’s better to waste sick days at work than when I’m off?

Missing… I’ll copy Harm on this one – I always miss my grandparents – Grandma has sent a few letters over the last month or so – every one is a treasure. The last one I even got a Valentine from Aunt Lois – extra special! My Indian (part east, part west I guess!) nephew and niece could be on the list lately also – I’m looking forward to July with them.

Missing… (future tense) Steve, Rebecca, Sydney, & Aiden… as Syd walked by me this morning at church she spontaneously gave me a big hug – talk about a gift – but also a reminder that these gifts/family members are going to be so much less accessible soon – ouch…

Celebrating… 3 wins in a row for our hockey team – that’s a big deal when total wins for the season was only about twice that!

Playing with… WYATT! and still loving it – weather has been so nice here lately – walks with him are much more enjoyable (for me – he doesn’t care) in moderate temps.

Amazed by… God at work through us but mostly in spite of us and our best efforts, friends are leaving YK this month, new couples have joined our circle – all great people to do life with.

Listening to… Alison Krauss live… what a voice.

Loving… my wife and the amazing fact that a child is growing inside of her.

Praying for… a healthy baby.


One Response to Random verbs…

  1. Anonymous says:

    ive been told that doug ashby is the catalyst to your hockey team…sounds like fun.

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