New Model Railroad Hobbyist

Is Hobbyist a word? I guess it’s my blog so I’ll make it a word for now! Anyway – I’ve been “ebaying” (another Wyatt’s World dictionary addition I guess) quite a bit over the last few months. I found a few cool gifts for Christmas – the best being a 70’s version of Stock Ticker for my father in law that we had lots of fun playing over Xmas holidays – got that one for 3$ – my best deal so far. Lately I’ve been looking at Train Sets, or “Model Railroad” as the more serious folks say.
Growing up one of my friends, a Mr. Allan Hogg, had a train set, and we spent a lot of great hours playing with it. Perhaps it’s the impending arrival of baby that got me thinking of it, since I’ve been searching Ebay for old toys that I enjoyed – but I got going on Train Sets a few weeks ago. I had no idea it was such a complicated hobby, and there are tons of options on ebay of course. I won an auction last week (picture below) and the set should arrive in a couple of weeks. It can also be addicting… I don’t think one set will be enough, and of course there is scenery, buildings, extra track, custom engines to buy… of course space for all of it is a challenge – the kitchen area should be good for now – I don’t know if my good wife is aware of all the ramifications of this hobby… maybe best to keep her in the dark for a little while?? 😉 (kidding of course!)
I’m really looking forward to having some friends over to play… perhaps the Goertzen/Dunsford crew would accept my invitation, and of course Andrew throughout the summer. Any of you faithful blog readers are welcome of course!


One Response to New Model Railroad Hobbyist

  1. rg says:

    we’d love to take you up on that invitation!

    that is a great picture of your little one that you posted the other day – how very exciting!

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