Regina Days…

Well our first week of holidays is coming to a close… and it has been a good one. We have enjoyed our time in Regina with our friends here. We have a bunch of good friends who are in University or College, so it has been nice to distract them from their studies for a bit. Also have had a great time with Heather – the final member of my family still in Regina… she has been a great host!
I’ve especially been encouraged by seeing the passion of the young adults involved with the Church of Christ here – God is at work – it might be starting with the prayer session my friend Jeremy started Sunday mornings with a few other younger folks (& Ed the not so elder elder). I could have just stayed in that room for most of the Sunday morning I think…

I sense a decision time coming for the Church of Christ in Regina – there is a bit of a new “movement” happening – involving a different attitude I think- specifically about their worship times… likely this is the result of many “movements” over the past many years – but this new attitude is very open, involves much sharing and is more outward focused…. I wonder if the church leadership will choose to encourage and empower this positive change or attempt to rein it in? I see such potential… but worry that my young friends and their passionate faith may be crushed by the politics of church and the power of “religion”… It is amazing to me the power that a few “dissenters” can have – often the pitiful minority in a church – so a few don’t like something new – what about the many who might come? Who should have the bigger vote? I know the men who make up the church leadership here – men of God – and not dealing with easy issues, I know that as well – I’ve been through at least a few tough leadership meetings myself. But oh the freedom when we decided to lead based on where God might take us and who he might bring – instead of who might be upset and leave!

Ah – enough of my cynical rant… should just pray instead – and head back to my own challenges in the North. I do trust the men leading here and more than that, know that God seems to work things out in spite of our best or worst efforts – he will do that here.

Strange – in the middle of my skepticism about church things – the passion of the people around me this weekend has encouraged me so much – thanks Jer, Pete, Matt, Brianne, Chelsea, Dave, Eric, Ed, Heather, Brittany and others!


One Response to Regina Days…

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey tim
    thanks for coming down and hanging out for a few days.
    it was good to catch up and hear about new things up there.
    hope all is still well.
    come back soon

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