Verna May Kemble Nov 8, 1943-Oct 24, 2004

Most of you who read our blog likely read Steve’s too, but I had to include part of Steve’s most recent post. It is an email that was sent out by Verna May Kemble, who died this past Sunday after a 3 year battle with cancer. She was a prayer warrior in a class all her own. We had her memorial service last night – a celebration of a life of faith, lived to the full – as you can tell from this email I think.

Hi there everyone,
This will be fairly short but not sweet as I am only going to tell the facts but it is necessary to let you all be in the know. They have taken me off all my treatments. The cancer is growing in the liver and now in both lungs. The oncologist told me that there is no benefit in me staying on the chemo as the cancer is growing even on the full dosage at once a month.

There are no other things that they can offer at this time. She does not know how fast this will grow now that the chemo has been discontinued. There may be something out there somewhere but at this point she does not know of any.

Mom, Tara and I have dealt with this and we are looking forward, not backward, and we are not going to waste time wishing things were different. God has always, is now and always will be in charge of this. That has never changed and it remains the fact in our lives that He is in control. If I am here or taken home to heaven, God is with us and Jesus is holding our hands. There is an upside in the fact that I may go before any of you and that is I can be watching for you and as you all come home when your time is ready, I can make sure that God our Father and Jesus our elder brother and the perfector of our salvation are there to welcome each of you and what a party we are going to plan for you. You will be amazed.

For now, I am praying for you all and I thank you for your prayers for us. God bless you all and keep you safe from Satan’s arrows. In His undying love, Irene, Tara and Verna May


One Response to Verna May Kemble Nov 8, 1943-Oct 24, 2004

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well…That was absolutely amazing…

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