I have completed phase 1 of the painting project. My bedroom, bathroom, and the main bath are complete, just the rest of the house to finish. I am using one main colour that is called “bleaker beige” and have added some accent walls that are much to hard to describe. You have to see it for yourself, but I’ll tell you the names of the three I have used so far. “Raspberry Truffle”, “Hudson Bay”, and “Honey Harbour”! I’ll just let you use your imaginations on those. The difference it has made in our home is enormous. Feels a lot more like our home, comfy, warm, inviting. I love it and will continue on with the rest of the house.

Amazing though – what a little colour can do in our homes and in our lives!


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  1. says:

    I was doing a yahoo search to see what brand of paint makes bleaker beige and came upon your website. Can you let me know, I love the color. Thank you.

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