It has been forever since I have written something for Wyatt’s World. This summer has just flown by and I am sad but relieved that it is coming to an end. We had a summer full of friends, fun and travel. We are so blessed by our many friends and family.
We were lucky enough to go South for two special weddings and some travel goodbyes. We got to see a lot of friends this trip and found ourselves wanting to stay a while longer.
It is hard to be so far away and with family in India, China, New Zeland, and the US I am feeling rather alone way up North. I still have family in Canada of course, but everyone feels so far away sometimes. We are blessed to get out as much as we do, but sometimes it would be nice to go visit someone for the weekend, but that is just not possible from here.
Interesting how you can have so many people around but feel so alone sometimes.
Well I think I am starting to bounce back. I am into the work routine and have started a home project – painting my bedroom and two bathrooms! I have once again contacted friends that I have up here and we are getting together to chat and spend time. Small groups are starting up and I am excited to begin that as well.

Maybe I am not so alone – but thanx for that MSN chat the other day ladies! It made my week!


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