Back Home

We are back home after a 12 day run to Manitoba, Sask, and Alberta for 2 weddings and 3 goodbyes… was great to reconnect with some old friends. Nights spent at the Jacobs’ and Cox’s homes were especially special!
I bought Tim Hughes’ new CD while I was down – not to much of it really caught my attention on first listen, but I really enjoy two songs I had heard before – “beautiful one” and “consuming fire”. I’m looking forward to “Revival In Belfast II” coming out soon, as well as Chris Tomlin’s new CD.

It is good to be home – was great to see Wyatt, nothing like a dog’s greeting to boost the ol’ self esteem ;). Natasha did a great job taking care of him and our house while we were gone, but he was very happy to have us back.


2 Responses to Back Home

  1. b says:

    Ooo cool new look Tim (and Tara and Wyatt). It was nice to see you at Stew and Taralee’s wedding – glad you were able to make it down. I’m also glad your family members can still keep in touch with us all with the friendly help of the www. 🙂 That is if we can get your dad blogging again! Maybe we should have worked harder on your mom? LOL

    Anyway, hope settling back in to home and fall routines goes well for you guys. The blog looks great. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the compliment on the new look Bonnie… I actually changed it cause I was having trouble with the formatting on the old one – but I kind of like it now too!–>

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