Well, Tim’s side has come and gone and now we are on my side of the family. My parents are here in YK for a week, but are leaving on Sunday. We had a great time with Tim’s side, most were here about 12 days, some for just 6, but it was all good. We all had a great time together. The kids were great to hang out with and it was good to see Wyatt play so well with them all.

Tim was sworn into the RCMP as a Civilian Member while they were here, so they got to see that, which was nice for him. He now is one of us with Top Secret clearance and more responsibility.

We missed going to the lake for a boat/beach day as there wasn’t really a hot one with no wind, but we all had fun anyway. Just wish we would have gotten some family pics taken as we were all here and it was a great opportunity to do so. We do have a lot of pics of Sydney though thanks to Harmony!

Now my parents are here which seems almost like noone is here, compared to having 16 of us. Things have been pretty relaxed and today was my mom’s 54th birthday so it was a day of coffee, meals, parties, eating out, and presents. Had a cake tonight with some people over and that too was lots of fun. Seems as you get older you don’t really have parties anymore but she seemed to like it anyway. I think she had a great day! She loved the charm bracelet that we gave her and was really suprised by that.

We went and saw The Notebook the other day and it was quite good. Very sad and romantic so probably a chick flick, but it really made me think about the choices we make and how important it is to choose right when picking a mate. Although marriage can be hard at times, especially when the whole family on both sides comes for a visit, it is a joy and I am a lucky woman to have the man I do. I chose right and I know that Tim will be with me through it all, no matter what happens to us as a couple or personally as individuals, he will be there and that seems to make the future a lot easier to look forward to.

Thank You God for Tim and for helping me choose the right mate!


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