Tim’s family is in town! There are 6 of us living here in YK and 6 more arrived on Sunday. Still another 4 arrive on Thursday. The whole crew, minus one, will be here in YK. Isn’t that great? I am really excited about it. On Wednesday I start three weeks of holidays and we are going to do some fun stuff.

Having everyone here makes me wish we were all a little closer and it makes me miss my family as well. Funny how you can love and hate your family – even at the same time! How does that work exactly? We’ll think and say the meanest things to eachother but when it comes down to it we would defend them to the death if an “outsider” said one thing negative about them.


2 Responses to Yahoo!

  1. b says:

    Hey Tara and Tim…looking forward to seeing some pics of all the fun you guys have. Hope you all really enjoy this special time. xoxo It will be fun to see you guys later this summer if you’re still able to come to Stewie’s wedding.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey tara/tim/wyatt
    i want to send a huge
    shout out to you .
    wishing the fattest blessing
    on you guys. hope your
    summer is going great.
    tim. i got to play tennis with nic
    olson last month. oooh what
    was smooth. wink wink splat.
    your bro. matt

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