“Stupid People”

It has been a long time since I have posted anything. Tim is much better at this than I am, but work seems to inspire me to write things. To at least think a lot about things.

I get a lot of calls from a lot of stupid people and I wonder so many times what these people are thinking when they call the police? I also wonder things like, “Are you serious?” “Do you really want me to get an RCMP officer to spend his time on this?” “Can’t you figure out a way to solve this on your own?” ETC. Anyway tonight I am really frustrated with some of these “stupid people” and I can not wait to be done. I have 3 hrs left of this 12 hr shift and then I am off for 4 lovely days. I live for those days off sometimes.

Tonight this “stupid people” thing got me thinking. I sometimes ask Tim questions and he asks me if I think he is stupid cause I must think he is stupid if I am going to ask him some of the questions that I do. I really don’t think he is stupid, but I still ask stupid questions. So does that make me stupid? How many times do I go to God about stupid things and does He ever think I am stupid or ask Himself why I can’t figure that one out on my own? Why do I always think He can solve my problems and do I always need to be calling Him about this stuff?

Maybe tonight I am getting a small taste of what it is like to be God. To have everyone asking you to solve all their problems when it is them that got themselves into the mess that they are in and most likely them that can get themselves out if it if they would only turn their lives around and think before they act.

Maybe if I start thinking more before I act I can help God out a bit with His job?


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