Back to blogging…

Well it’s been a week since a post on Wyatt’s world, so I better put something up… we’re enjoying perfect summer weather in Yellowknife, for the last few weeks actually. I even heard a few people complaining yesterday about it being to hot… but I’m trying really hard to avoid joining in with that, I know what’s coming all to soon. One of the things I miss most about living further south is the nice weather in the fall – in Yellowknife it seems to usually go from beautiful to cold in a hurry, so we take whatever we can get of this 26-32 degree stuff – August weather is usually very hit and miss, and anything nice in September is completely a gift. It was however, very hot in our bedroom last night, and I didn’t get to sleep until quite late, so this 12 hour shift today is feeling pretty long! I am back to work for my 4 shifts before holiday time and the big family reunion in just over a week – I’m still having trouble believing that we will actually have the whole family in YK at the same time – let’s hope nothing changes in a week!
We’ve enjoyed spending some time this week with Tim & Serena Bell, up from Saskatchewan to visit the Ashby family – when I get time I will post a picture of our hike with them into Cameron Falls…


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