What Are You Thinking?

What would a father be thinking when, on the day after Father’s Day, he drives his car, with his two children in it, head on into a semi truck? I guess he may be thinking “I want to die”, but would he be thinking “I want my children to die.”? The father did pass away, but the kids are alive. Physically at least. I imagine their heart, soul, and mind are dead. Dead with the memories of that day which will stay with them forever.

When in life does it get so bad that you see no way out and you want to die? When do you feel so alone and desperate? When is God so far away that you can’t see any “light”? When is Satan so close to your heart that “black” is all there is? When is God coming to take us home? I wonder…

I think I need to do a better job of showing people God’s light. I think maybe if you can see the “light” the “black” doesn’t seem quite so dark?


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