Father’s Blessings “With him I am well pleased”

Well, I’m back to work and life in YK after a week off and travels to the homeland/aka Saskatchewan. I had a great time visiting the family in Regina, then on the Grasslands Productions Men’s Trail Ride out near Glentworth with my Dad and other good friends. This was my third year going to the ride, and I continue to enjoy being there. The riding is great, but the real highlight is being able to visit with good friends like Colby, Rick, Tim, Clint, Dawn, Mark, Elwood, Wade etc. Was really nice to spend a lot of time riding beside Colby on his simple minded and big headed horse Forrest Gump. It was also great to spend Father’s Day weekend with my Dad – something just the two of us have likely never had the chance to do – my father in law Gene was also there, which made it the weekend that much more special. Lynn Anderson was up from Texas to speak, and was good as usual. His messages on “longing for home” – particularly the one he gave standing in front of the dilapidated old house he grew up in, hit “home”. The most powerful moments of the weekend though were spent with Todd Moroz(sp?). He is the pastor of Wood Mountain Alliance Church – a group of cowboy types from Southern SK who I am more impressed with each time I get together with. Todd’s 12 year old son passed away two weeks ago, after having heart surgery. As you can imagine, the wound was still very fresh and sore. I got to talk with Todd a few times – he is hurting, but faithful and eager to share the story of his son’s faithful life. We layed hands on him and prayed as a group on Saturday,then also did it Sunday morning when his wife and daughter were there. It was a powerful moment as about 30 or 40 people gathered around their family and prayed for their comfort. Lynn put it well when he said “God we can’t comfort these people, but we’re going to beat on your chest and cry in your ear for them”… it was a powerful moment. Todd also shared around communion at the Sunday morning service and told a bit of the story – I was a sobbing mess from the start. He began by introducing his family, and the part that hit me hard was when he said ” this is my daughter Sherae (sp?) and with her I am well pleased… and this picture on my chest is of my son Cameron, and with him I am also well pleased.” What a great blessing from a father, especially fitting on Father’s Day… I received a similar blessing from my own father later in the day – a valuable gift I will hold on to tightly…
The weekend was great, I highly recommend it, plan to spend money and holiday time to get back their next year, and hope more good friends will join me!


One Response to Father’s Blessings “With him I am well pleased”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow…I am tearful just reading your story, can’t imagine how meaningful it would have been to be there. Dad was very proud of you – he had that glowing father look to him when he was talking about you and the weekend. It was cool.

    It was nice to see you, wish we could have played tennis! Oh well, I’ll bring my racquet when I come in less than a month now!!!


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