Weekend wanderings…

Well, one more night of crime fighting, actually just a couple of hours for me, and about 5 for Tara, then we will be done for a few days. I am actually on holidays for about 10 days, so that’s nice. Tomorrow will consist of some time with nephew & niece for Tara, and Sunday worship preparation for Tim – we might also fit in some camping time with some friends at a nearby lake. I’m off to Regina on Monday, to Horse Creek area next weekend for a Men’s Trail Ride with my Dad. I’ll have to break out my Wrangler Jeans for their once a year use, and borrow some cowboy boots – this year maybe they’ll give me a saddle with better padding… it’s a fun weekend actually, and I’m looking forward to spending Father’s Day with my Father – something I haven’t had the chance to do for a few years.

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