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Well CBC the other night said that the political parties are watching Canadian blogs to see how their policies and campaigning is going over, so maybe I’ll throw something out and get read by the big boys… I’m actually not much in to politics, I’m quite a cynic actually and kind of feel even though the party may change, the ethics and effectiveness might not so there’s not much use getting too excited. At the same time, I can’t really say I have much to complain about – my life is pretty good and I feel grateful that I live in such a great country, so I have a hard time being to passionate about my political complaints. I will say this – it does seem like some laws are being passed regarding homosexuals, abortion and some other issues that don’t seem to reflect the beliefs of many or most Canadians I know – and from my uneducated viewpoint, it seems these laws are being passed through the courts instead of being voted on by elected officials – doesn’t make much sense to me. Of course, I’m likely prone to feeling left out and not listened to – I am from the WEST, and Saskatchewan at that – we’re used to being disregarded and disrespected! Whine, whine, cry cry etc. etc. 😉


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