Lesson Learned

Well, God once again taught me a lesson this weekend. After coming back from YC and feeling a little discouraged due to the fact that I was being negative and pessimistic about what kind of effect YC was really having on teens – I got a slap in the face from GOD. I was feeling that I didn’t really get anything out of it and that it was repetative and a bit boring and I was negative about all the kids that were standing up accepting Jesus cause I thought that it was impersonal and asked myself how many of those kids were really going to take that back to their homes and live a life for Christ. How many kids were really going to be changed byt it, etc. Well, God taught me once again, that just because I don’t get something out of a conference, or church service, or meeting, etc. doesn’t mean that no one else is getting anything. In fact a lot of teens and adults got something from YC. Two teens spoke and shared their testimony and it really hit me how much they now love God and want to be changed for Him. That was my slap in the face. I may not be changed from the weekend, but they are and that is what matters, because that is what the weekend is for and that is what God had inteneded for the conference. For lost youth to come to him. Even if those two girls are the only ones that now live for Christ, the weekend was worth it!

So moral of the story is, if you are feeling like something isn’t for you and your getting nothing out of it, sit back and take a look around cause I bet someone in the room is!


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