Tara’s Travels, Tim’s Trivial Traipsing

Well Tara is off with Brianne Ashby to “YC” in Edmonton for the weekeend. They took off Wednesday morning about 4 am and are in Red Deer until the conference starts on Friday. 17,000 teenagers/young adults in the Skyreach Center, the biggest Christian conference you can find in Western Canada that I know of. I’ve gone along with Tara the last 3 years with a group of young people – a good weekend each time, but often the most valuable time was the 17 hour drive either way. Nothing like builds community like enclosed spaces for long periods of time!? My ears will not miss the loud music, of this I’m sure.
I am left at home with Wyatt and Clayton Muller who is in YK for the summer. Tonight is my last night of work, off until Sunday and ready for a break. Will attempt to get some things done around the trailer this weekend – new gravel for the driveway today, I mean yesterday, and new stairs for the front deck tomorrow or I mean today(I’m mixed up it’s 4 in the morning:) courtesy of Craig Williams, a good friend and good carpenter. Will also try to get a few good walks in with Wyatt, since our Spring appears to have finally arrived(we hope). Saturday night I will lead the music part of a city wide worship service celebrating the finish of “Proclamation” a Canadian Bible Society project the YK Ministerial has put on over the past 10 days – during which the whole Bible is read out loud – should be a good time. That’s all for now – over and out.


One Response to Tara’s Travels, Tim’s Trivial Traipsing

  1. Harmony says:

    I’m so jealous of Tara…can’t wait for her reviews. Ahhh…United Live! We’re missing out, Tim!

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