This is Tara trying this whole “blog” thing out. I have no clue what I am doing or why I am doing this, but Tim says this will make me more computer literate. University tried to teach me at least one thing, and that was to reflect. So I guess that is the point of “blogging world” – for people to reflect and think. I don’t really get the part about other people reading it though. Who would want to read about my thoughts and relections on life? I can see wanting to read what Wyatt has to say about his thoughts, but not me.

One Response to Blogging?

  1. Harmony says:

    Oh yes, my fellow graduate (hee hee, that’s me) of Education…you will do wondrously as a blogger having slogged through years of reflecting, reflecting on your reflections and reflecting on the reflections you already reflected on….bla, bla, bla (this is the key to reflecting! ha!!). Anyway, I figure that if you just approach this whole blogging thing with your usual “question asking” self, we could get some interesting discussions going! So let it loose, my good friend!!! Love ya!

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